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DebtCafe works on your behalf directly with your creditors to create the perfect repayment plan for your situation. Since DebtCafe services some non-profit agencies, creditors are willing to offer our clients numerous benefits, such as:

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  1. Your trained, personal counselor will review your budget information and suggest one of our debt management programs. Most credit counseling companies offer few options, while Debt Cafe leads the industry with numerous solutions suited to your individual needs. After you've completed 7 months of on-time and in-full payments, we can even refer you to a lender to apply for a debt consolidation loan. However, we cannot guarantee you a loan since approval or denial is the sole right of the lender. With our unique programs and superior customer service, DebtCafe's service providers are the best choice for your personal financial needs.
  2. After deciding which program will be the most beneficial to you, you will select when you will be making your first payment to the counseling office. Your chosen date will be your payment date every month. There will be no more different due dates to remember or budget for!
  3. If, after fully discussing your financial situation with your personal counselor, you decide to enroll in one of the debt management programs, the office will contact your creditors and negotiate with them to have your monthly payments lowered and your interest rates reduced. You then simply send a single reduced monthly payment to the office and your funds will be distributed to your creditors on your behalf. You will still receive your monthly statements, so you will be able to watch your balances dropping. If any of your creditors contact you, you can direct them to your personal credit advisor. You'll be assigned a trained personal account specialist to contact with any questions or to deal with any situations that may arise.
  4. Simply keep making your monthly payments on time and you will be on working toward a better credit rating, stable finances and the elimination of your debt!

(Each initial repayment plan is subject to adjustment based on creditors' individual requirements. Your counselor will notify you when a larger payment may be required to satisfy creditor's needs. There is no industry standard governing what benefits creditors will extend to clients, so every repayment plan depends in part on the creditors involved.)


As a result of the benefits that we can achieve for you, you will be able to pay off your debt in much less time than would be possible on your own.

Our average client maintains a $10,000 debt with an 18.5% interest rate. Without debt consolidation, by paying the monthly minimum payment, it would take at least 32 years and $24,500 to pay off the original debt.

With a debt consolidation program that same average client's debt will be paid off much sooner: usually 3 to 5 years, even with the reduced monthly payments!

How? Interest rate reductions, consistent on-time payments, and reduced late charges work together to effectively shrink the total balance owed. Before a client joins a debt consolidation program, the largest portion of his or her monthly payment is applied to interest charges rather than principal. This barely changes the balance amount. By reducing the interest, you can pay off debt balances in a lot less time!

The Debt Management Program is also designed to provide you with easily accessible help and guidance. Our counselors are available to handle harassing phone calls from creditors, assist you with legal situations and teach you how to handle credit in the future. Our counselors also make budgeting suggestions so that you can save more money each month and spend your earnings more efficiently.

Do you think you'd be better off declaring bankruptcy?

One of the counselors can probably help save you those court costs and the loss of precious assets. Please talk to one of our counselors if you are considering bankruptcy to find out about the alternatives. We can direct you to bankruptcy assistance if that is the best solution for your specific situation.

Contact our counselors by filling in your contact info below. You are under Absolutely No Obligation, but if you like Your new reduced debt payments, you can discuss enrolling in one of the debt and credit card consolidation Programs.

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